So, you’ve somehow found this blog..
Well, when I’m bored, as an effort to practice my Japanese, I put my ipod on random. And every Japanese (and Thai and Chinese) song that comes up, I try to translate it.

This started out as my own project of translating Plastic Tree songs, but since you can probably find like every one of their songs translated already somewhere if you dig hard enough, I figured eh, why not include other songs that are more difficult to find translations of too.

Thus, this is just a place to dump and organize my Japanese song translations.

There are bound to be many many mistakes.
I’m not Japanese, and I’m not trying to be.
This is me practicing.
Feel free to correct anything, I’m always open to second opinions, and hey, it’ll help me learn.

Feel free to use my translations for things like subbing or translating into a third language or anything like that, though all I ask is that you credit me (Tahmnong)/this blog, link back, or leave a comment letting me know you’re using it. Please don’t try to take my work as your own. While the lyrics themselves are obviously credit to the original composers and artists, it isn’t easy to translate them into a completely different language and keep the same emotion and style that exists in the original lyrics, so please be respectful of my work and my willingness to share. Thank you~ ^_^

Why would you want to steal my translations anyway, they’re probably riddled with errors haha 😛

Here’s my other blog of Thai song translations:
And Chinese song translations:

I don’t really take requests since my Japanese is not that strong and I don’t want to give people errored translations. Also sometimes I get stuck on just one line and get frustrated and scrap the whole thing and I don’t want to do that to someone’s request. Also I need the lyrics in kana to translate and not everyone can provide that, and Japanese translations tend to take hours so I don’t get to do them often and I don’t want to leave people hanging or feel pressured that I need to hurry and translate for someone.

But if for any other reason you need to contact me: Tahmnong[AT]Gmail[DOT]com